About ESL Support

What's this web site about?

It's a catalog of resources, techniques, and even some downloadable activities that teachers can use in their classrooms. It is intended to serve both as a quick lesson "recipe" book, and as a place where instructors can get fresh ideas for developing their own lessons with a fresh angle, and geared particularly to serve their non-native-English-speaking students.

Who is it for?

The catalog is a teacher resource site, for English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) teachers, who are teaching English to classes composed of all ESL students, and at instructors across the curriculum, who have international and ESL students in their classes. It is not intended for direct access by students.

Why was it created?

Instructors at Highline are always looking for innovative ways to teach, and the best ways to reach their students with their varying learning styles and academic backgrounds. Technology has opened up new opportunities for students to learn through exploration, following their individual interests and needs. At the same time, using technology, teachers can stretch the boundaries of their classroom, provide access to a multitude of resources from across the world, and facilitate both individualized and collaborative learning. This catalog will provide ideas for some of the things that can be done with new teaching methodologies aided by the latest technology. 

This website is an attempt to model the best teaching and learning practices that you can find, here at Highline Community College and across the globe. I hope that you will find it useful. Please e-mail me with your comments and suggestions.

  Thank you.

Amal Mahmoud


Page last updated: 02/28/2012